Webinar: Using Assessments, Part 2: Evaluating Success and Making Adaptations

Webinar_LaptopUsing Assessments, Part 2: Evaluating Success and Making Adaptations
HLP Webinar Series – HLP #6, Use student assessment data

You’ve collected data and implemented instructional strategies, but how will you know if your students are improving? Continually using data to adjust your instruction is an essential piece of the DBI process. Learn how to monitor student progress, evaluate your strategy’s effectiveness, and determine what adjustments you may need to make to further support your students.

After this webinar, you’ll be able to answer these questions:

  1. How do you know if a dosage of intervention is appropriate and intense?
  2. What modifications/adjustments might you make to a lesson to match a particular student’s needs, without compromising fidelity?
  3. At what point should you consider discarding a strategy, and how would you select a new one?

Presented by Erica Lembke, Ph.D., University of Missouri. Original air date April 15, 2020. 64 minutes. #WEB2002A.

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