Webinar: Specially Designed Instruction in Co-Teaching: Continuing the Conversation

Webinar_LaptopAlthough co-teaching has become a relatively common way of accomplishing the dual purposes of inclusive education and curriculum access, student outcomes continue to be a concern. In this webinar, Dr. Marilyn Friend will dive deeper into specially designed instruction (SDI), and discuss:

  • Vocabulary of instruction related to special education: differentiation, accommodation, modification, specially designed instruction (SDI)
  • Analyze how to plan SDI over a grading quarter, semester, or the school year
  • The role of general educators in addressing SDI in a co-taught classroom
  • Fidelity in SDI delivery (including assessment, selection, delivery,evaluation, and adjustment)

Presented by Marilyn Friend, Ph.D., Professor Emerita, University of North Carolina—Charlotte. Original air date Oct. 22, 2019. 68 minutes. #WEB1906A.

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