Webinar: Are You Inclusive? Developing Culturally Responsive Practices

Webinar_LaptopCulturally responsive educators are sensitive to diversity in the classroom. Teachers must reflect on their personal assumptions and biases. However, what are the characteristics of a culturally responsive education professional? What evidence-based strategies are available to foster a healthy classroom culture/climate to ensure success for ALL learners? This webinar will support the facilitation of a highly “inclusive” environment for ALL learners through the development a classroom culture as well as climate that embraces and embeds cultural competency through instruction.

After this webinar, you will be able to:

  1. Identify characteristics of a culturally responsive educator.
  2. Isolate learning environment components that support students’ emotional health.
  3. Acquire strategies for daily instructional use.
  4. Develop an Action Plan to promote a culturally responsive classroom.

Presented by Nichole E. Moore, Plymouth-Canton Community Schools and Precios M. Armstrong, Jackson County Intermediate School District. Original air date Nov. 8, 2017. 60 minutes. #WEB1711A.

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