Webinar: Improving the Writing of Students with Disabilities: An Explicit Instruction Framework


Many students with learning disabilities can benefit from systematic and explicit approaches to teaching writing. Writing can be a forgotten but critically important academic area for students with learning disabilities across elementary through high school grades. A framework of explicit instruction, including a variety of components such as modeling, scaffolding of supports, and close monitoring of student performance, can help teachers design and deliver effective, evidence-based instruction on writing. This webinar details each component of explicit instruction and guides participants through the design of their own explicit instruction lessons on a variety of writing skills including spelling, sentence writing, and extended composition.

After this webinar, you will be able to:

  1. Describe each component of explicit instruction.
  2. Apply the components of explicit instruction to lesson plans.
  3. Discuss ways of using explicit instruction across multiple writing skills.

Presented by Shawn Datchuk, Ph.D., University of Iowa. Original air date March 29, 2017. 57 minutes. #WEB1704A.

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