Webinar: There’s No “I” in Team: Evidence-Based Strategies for Teacher-Paraeducator Collaboration

Webinar_LaptopEffective collaboration among school personnel, especially teacher-paraeducator collaboration, can improve achievement for students with special needs. The relationship between teachers and paraeducators not only serves as a social model for students but can also provide greater opportunities for instruction and learning. Drawing from 4 years of field-work in special education classrooms, we present a framework for understanding the collaborative relationship between teachers and paraeducators working in special education and inclusive settings. Using an interactive approach, you will learn strategies and evidence-based practices for strengthening collaborative relationships, as well as how to overcome challenges to effective teacher-paraeducator collaboration in your classroom.

After this webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the practical significance of effective teacher-paraeducator collaboration.
  2. Identify barriers to effective teacher-paraeducator collaboration.
  3. Demonstrate evidence-based practices to optimize teacher-paraeducator collaboration in their classroom and schools.

Presented by Tia N. Barnes, Ph.D., Yale University and Christina Crowe, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Original air date March 31, 2016. 58 minutes. #WEB1604A.

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