Webinar: Using Transition Assessment Results to Write Indicator 13-Compliant Transition Plans

Webinar_LaptopIn collaboration with the Division on Career Development and Transition (DCDT)

Have you seen transition assessment results that somehow didn’t lead to meaningful transition goals and plans? This program provides guidance in transforming commonly-used transition assessment results into transition plans that comply with Indicator 13 and provide clear goals for training, education, employment and, where appropriate, independent living skills. You’ll see examples of Indicator 13-compliant transition plan components based on age-appropriate transition assessments, with an emphasis on writing annual transition goals and creating individualized transition plans. You’ll come away better able to create viable, age-appropriate transition plans tailored to individual students’ aspirations and ability profiles.

This program is appropriate for special educators, related services professionals, school psychologists, and administrators who write transition plans.

After completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Discuss IDEA and Indicator 13 transition service requirements.
  • Review transition assessments for specific purposes.
  • Write Indicator 13-compliant transition services, activities, and goals based on age appropriate transition assessment results.
  • Describe where to obtain various transition assessments discussed.

Presented by Jim Martin, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, and Amber McConnell, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma. Original air date December 10, 2015. 62 minutes. #WEB1513A.

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