Webinar: Calculation and Word-Problem Interventions for Elementary Students with Mathematics Difficulty

Webinar_LaptopIn collaboration with the Division for Learning Disabilities (DLD)

This program will give you two interventions to develop mathematics skills and concepts in elementary students who struggle with math. The first focuses on developing addition and subtraction calculation and computation skill. You’ll learn how to teach the concepts of addition and subtraction and how to teach computation with and without regrouping. You’ll see the use of math manipulatives and mnemonics that help students understand the concept of regrouping and when to regroup in addition and subtraction problems. The second intervention focuses on teaching word problems by schema. The speakers will describe the three additive schemas and provide examples of each. Then, you will learn how to teach students to solve word problems using schemas.

This program is for teachers who are familiar with basic mathematics concepts and procedures and who work with elementary school students who need additional support in calculation, computation or word problem solving.

After viewing this program, you will be able to:

  • Teach addition and subtraction calculation and computation concepts and procedures.
  • Develop addition and subtraction fluency with number combinations.
  • Teach addition and subtraction word-problem schemas.
  • Teach to read, set up, and solve additive word problems.

Presented by Dr. Sarah R. Powell, University of Texas at Austin, and Dr. Lynn S. Fuchs, Vanderbilt University. Original air date October 22, 2015. 57 minutes. #WEB1511A.

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