Universal Design for Learning in Physical Education

The practice of universal design—of making a product or environment accessible to all individuals—has been around for a long time. But, until now, that practice has never been explored in depth in the field of physical education.

This groundbreaking text provides a much-needed link between universal design and physical education, extending boundaries as it offers physical educators a systematic guide to create, administer, manage, assess, and apply universal design for learning (UDL).

Universal Design for Learning in Physical Education is for all physical educators—those who are or are preparing to become general PE teachers as well as those who are in the field of adapted physical education. This resource offers the following:

  • Ready-to-use curricular units for grades K-12, with 31 universally designed lessons that demonstrate how teachers can apply UDL in specific content areas (teachers can also use those examples to build their own units and lessons)
  • Rubrics for the 28 items on the Lieberman–Brian Inclusion Rating Scale for Physical Education (LIRSPE) to help teachers follow best practices in inclusion
  • Tables, timelines, and paraeducator training checklists to ensure that UDL is effectively delivered from the beginning of the school year

By Lauren Lieberman, Michelle Grenier, Ali Brian, and Katrina Arndt 2020. 216 pages. ISBN 978-1-49257-499-6. #S6337

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