Special Needs Sequencing Cards Tool Box – Hard Copy

These cards teach students with social impairments about behaviors, staying safe, body language, and self-care.

Contents Include:

16 laminated card sets with images focused on five educational themes:

1) Private and Public: This theme includes Private and Public laminated flashcards, as well as Appropriate Self Touch Sequencing Cards for Boys and Girls.

2) Boundaries & Safety: This theme includes Friendly versus Friend Cards, as well as an activity about Staying Safe on the Internet.

3) Dating & Consent:  This theme includes Rules for Online Dating Cards, as well as Dating Cards, which provide fun ideas for dates. This category also includes Steps to Asking Someone Out Cards, as well as Rules for Consent Cards. Finally, this theme includes Grown Up Sequencing Cards, which teach individuals with special needs basic grown-up rules.

4) Body Language and Flirting: This theme includes Universal Expressions: Faces and Bodies, as well as Reading Body Language: Flirting Cards.

5) How-To Sequencing Cards: This theme includes two Sequencing Card sets, the first illustrates Menstrual Hygiene, and the second illustrates How To Use a Condom. The remaining two card sets describe how to safely Masturbate for Boys and Girls.

By Stephanie Mitelman, MA, Certified Sexuality Educator. 2019. #SEM20

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