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Special Education Today: 2019

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Jan. 3, 2019: Welcoming 2019
Jan. 10, 2019: Let’s celebrate exceptional
Jan. 17, 2019: CEC — working for you
Jan. 24, 2019: Latest news in special education — from CEC!

Feb. 7, 2019: Highlights from CEC 2019 
Feb. 14, 2019: CEC — supporting educators every day
Feb. 21, 2019: CEC — working for educators!
Feb. 28, 2019: CEC advocates and sets the standards

March 7, 2019: CEC — keeping you informed on educational policy
March 14, 2019: CEC — leading the way for educators
March 21, 2019: New guidance letters from OSERS, a free webinar, and more
March 28, 2019: New ways to involved with CEC, the IDEA full funding bills, and more

April 5, 2019: A FREE professional development guide, World Autism Awareness Day, and more
April 11,  2019: Highlights from Richmond, a member’s reflections, and more
April 18, 2019: An exclusive co-teaching webinar, culturally responsive practices, and more
April 25, 2019: Unforgettable ways to become a leader, updates from the field to impress your boss, and more

May 3, 2019: A message from the president, defining the future of special education, and more
May 9, 2019: 5 things we REALLY want to thank special educators for, your last chance to save $100, and more
May 15, 2019: Your burning advocacy questions, celebrating your colleagues, and more
May 24, 2019: 6 steps to advocate, your opportunity to shape the future of special education, and more
May 31, 2019: The end of an era, a free video, and more

June 6, 2019: 3 tips for classroom set-up on a budget, transitioning into summer, and more
June 13, 2019: Why 1 member advocates, your best rate for the CEC 2020 Convention & Expo, and more
June 21, 2019: How to celebrate student achievements, CEC leaders talk restraint and seclusion, and more
June 28, 2019: 5 major advocacy issues in 2019, commending our community, and more

July 4, 2019: Tune into Facebook Live, your summer reading list, and more
July 13, 2019: LAST call for nominations, storming the Hill, and more
July 19, 2019: 3 questions special educators should ask themselves this summer, making moves, and more
July 26, 2019: 29 years of the ADA, what we’ve been reading, and more

August 2, 2019: Preparing for the upcoming school year, new joint principles for SLD & eligibility under IDEA, and more
August 9, 2019: 3 resources for classroom set-up, building meaningful relationships, and more
August 23, 2019: Our back-to-school edition, 3 resources for self-care, and more
August 30, 2019: Creating opportunities for diversity and inclusion, our 2019 Fall webinar schedule, and more

September 6, 2019: Data-based behavior plans, a call for mentees, and more
September 13, 2019: Influencing the future of the field, our updated journal, and more
September 20, 2019: 3 behavior management tips you can try tomorrow, 2 upcoming webinars, and 1 week to save
September 27, 2019: Your chance to show what really goes on in the classroom, an important update, and more

October 4, 2019: The money-saver’s edition, a grassroots advocacy win, and more
October 11, 2019: Collaboration beyond the classroom, meet the candidates, and more
October 18, 2019: Specially designed instruction with Dr. Marilyn Friend, the latest in higher education policy, and more
October 25, 2019: A FREE webinar on math instruction, results from the 2020 Board of Directors election, and more

November 1, 2019: 3 tips for self-care, Fall specials that are better than leftover candy, and more
November 8, 2019: Contest alert for CEC 2020, a social media round-up of last month’s unit and division conferences, and more
November 15, 2019: How to keep the momentum going, a free journal, and more
November 22, 2019: 3 tips for building strong family relationships, the latest research-to-practice articles, and more
November 29, 2019: Announcing CEC’s new executive director, giving thanks, and more

December 6, 2019: Navigating this together, staying informed as an advocate, and more
December 13, 2019: Every podcast you need to round out 2019, our social shout-out of the week, and more
December 20, 2019: Partnering for new SLD eligibility principles, a boost in IDEA funding, and more
December 27, 2019: A warm welcome to winter break, resources to help educators stay culturally inclusive this season, and more