Play-Based Interventions for Childhood Anxieties, Fears, and Phobias

Illustrating the power of play for helping children overcome a wide variety of worries, fears, and phobias, this book provides a toolkit of play therapy approaches and techniques. Coverage encompasses everyday fears and worries in 3- to 12-year-olds as well as anxiety disorders and posttraumatic problems. Leading practitioners describe their approaches step by step and share vivid illustrative case material. Each chapter also summarizes the research base for the interventions discussed. Key topics include adapting therapy to each child’s developmental level, engaging reluctant or less communicative clients, and involving parents in treatment.

By Athena A. Drewes and Charles E. Schaefer, Eds.. 2018. 276 pages. ISBN 978-1-46253-470-8. #S6292

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