Recognize, Respond, Report: Preventing and Addressing Bullying of Students with Special Needs

Bullying in schools is a national problem that affects a high percentage of students with disabilities. This ready-to-use guidebook gives K–12 educators, administrators, and school counselors the research-based interventions they need to stop bullying in its tracks—and prevent it before it starts. Recognize, Respond, Report presents the core components of preventing and addressing bullying and disability-based harassment at the district level, classroom level, and individual level. Practical, proven strategies and tools blend with heartfelt, real-world advice from students who’ve experienced bullying themselves. An easy fit with existing initiatives such as PBIS or a commercial anti-bullying program, this essential resource will help educators create a safe and secure learning environment for all students to reach their full potential. Includes implementation checklists for each chapter, plus practical tools such as a planning matrix, student and staff surveys, needs assessments, school improvement plans, and bullying reporting forms.

By Lori Ernsperger. 2016. 190 pages. ISBN 978-1-5985-7907-9. #S6253.

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