Better IEPs: How to Develop Legally Correct and Educationally Useful Programs

S5772A definitive book in its field, Better IEPs provides both an overview and the nuts and bolts of developing effective and legally correct individualized education programs . The revised and enhanced fifth edition is the ultimate guide to understanding IEPs from a legal standpoint and best practices in developing and monitoring them. A classic in its field, Better IEPs presents a focused, three-step process that zooms in on the individual student. Chapters address the historical, legislative, and legal underpinnings of required elements; developing effective IEP teams; and writing measurable annual goals, as well as such current topics as standards-based IEPs and incorporating scientifically based instructional strategies.

By Barbara D. Bateman and Mary Anne Linden. 2012. 171 pages. ISBN #1-57861-568-2.

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