Bridging the Gap Between Arithmetic and Algebra

P6171_Bridging_the_GapAlthough two federal panels have concluded that all students can learn mathematics and most can succeed through Algebra 2, the abstractness of algebra and missing precursor understandings may be overwhelming to many students … and their teachers. Bridging the Gap Between Arithmetic & Algebra responds to this need for instruction and interventions that go beyond typical math lesson plans. Providing a review of evidence-based practices, this book is an essential reference for mathematics teachers and special education teachers when teaching mathematics to students who struggle with the critical concepts and skills necessary for success in algebra.

Edited by Bradley S. Witzel. 2016. 200 pages. ISBN 978-0-86586-508-2. #P6171.

Praise for Bridging the Gap:

Bridging the Gap Between Arithmetic & Algebra makes a strong case for needed improvement in our instructional preparation for algebra and its benefits for students with disabilities…The book is distinctive in its connection between early and intermediate mathematics instruction and practices and their role in later algebra success.

~Margaret Flores, College of Education, Auburn University

Collectively, the chapters by leading experts in the area distill what is known from the research base  into actionable steps for educators. Individually, each chapter covers a critical component of the transition and offers a handy, easy-to-understand and useful guide for implementing best practices in the classroom.

~Ben Clarke, Special Education and Clinical Science, University of Oregon

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