Physical Restraint and Seclusion in Schools

P6106_Physical_Restraint_Seclusion-320Explore the realities behind the headlines concerning children who have been isolated or physically restrained in schools, sometimes resulting in injury or even death. The editors address the legal and ethical issues underlying these practices, and, more importantly, what can be done to move schools away from potentially harmful treatment of children.

This valuable resource explores the array of practices and approaches that provide effective and safe ways to prevent and reduce conflict, de-escalate conflict and aggressive behavior and train educators in crisis intervention:

  • Positive behavior interventions and supports.
  • Climate-based strategies.
  • Relationship-based strategies.
  • Social and emotional learning.
  • Mediation programs.
  • Violence and bullying prevention and intervention.

This important publication provides you with the information you need to lead your school to safe and more effective practices. eBook availability coming soon!

Edited by Reece L. Peterson, Joseph B. Ryan and Michael Rozalski. 2013. 211 Pages. ISBN 0-86586-475-6. #P6106

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