U-STARS~PLUS TOPS Folder with Guide

P6049_LRGTeachers use U-STARS-PLUS TOPS Folders as a tool to help systematically observe and recognize children who have outstanding potential and who may be gifted. TOPS Folders engage teachers to make intentional and purposeful observations so that those observations can be used to provide more effective instruction and focus on individual strengths, thus reinforcing the “at-potential” mindset.

TOPS Folders are organized around nine domains: learns easily; shows advanced skills; displays curiosity and creativity; has strong interests; shows advanced reasoning and problem solving; displays spatial abilities; shows motivation; shows social perceptiveness; and displays leadership.

By Mary Ruth Coleman, Sneha Shah-Coltrane, and Ann Harrison. 2010. Set of 10 individual student folders, and 1 class folder with A Guide to TOPS. ISBN 0-086586-455-1 / ISBN 0-086586-456-X. #P6049.


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