Social Skills Secondary School Lesson Plans 51-100

P6048-coverAn update to Social Skills for School and Community, this timely new edition places a greater focus on teaching social skills in inclusive settings by creating learning opportunities in general education environments. The book contains 50 strategies for individual and small group instruction with follow-up strategies for facilitating maintenance and generalization. The strategies and lessons included in this manual are designed to address the needs of students who fall into the mild and moderate end of the spectrum of students with ASD and other developmental disabilities. The strategies encompassed in teaching students with ASD have wide-ranging value in addressing the social skills needs of students with other disabilities and those who are at-risk. The book contains an accompanying CD containing printable copies of assessment and evaluation checklists, homework forms, comic strips, photographs, and story sequences for teaching and reinforcing social skills. Additional resources include expression pictures and a file related to data collection and progress monitoring.

By Laurence Sargent et. al. 2011. 323 pages. ISBN 978-0-86586-469-6. #P6048.

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Get your students started on social skills early with Social Skills for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Elementary School Lesson Planscontaining 50 more lesson plans that will help your students learn and grow their social interactions.

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  1. Just used this book to complete a social skills assessment with an adolescent. I loved how you could determine which type of social skills he was most deficient in and then tailor a teaching plan that could be systematically implemented with him in the school system so that he could learn to use these skills across settings.

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