Assistive Technology: What Every Educator Needs to Know

S6194_ATThis reference guide is designed to help educators better understand the value of assistive technology (AT) in increasing all students’ access to the general education curriculum and improving the teaching/learning process for students with special education needs. In this guide, Brian Friedlander shows how incorporating AT can help them teachers incorporate the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and offer students multiple means of representation, expression, and engagement. Assistive Technology:  What Every Educator Needs to Know answers both the “what” and “how” of AT. It reviews the built-in accessibility features of Windows and OS X (Mac) operating systems, as well as the iOS (iPad), Android, and Chrome (Chromebooks) operating systems. It also recommends and describes specific software/apps for desktop and mobile devices that are designed to help build key skills in the areas of reading, writing, organization, and math.

By Brian Friedlander. 2016. 6 pages. ISBN #978-1-938539-05-3. #NP210.

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