HLPs in Special Education Instruction Laminated Guide (#4)

This compact, practical guide is the fourth in a series of laminated guides about high-leverage practices. It focuses on HLPs 11-14 (Instruction). These include HLP11 – Identify and prioritize long- and short-term learning goals, HLP12 – Systematically design instruction toward a specific learning goal, HLP13 – Adapt curriculum tasks and materials for specific learning goals, and HLP14 – Teach cognitive and metacognitive strategies to support learning and independence. This publication is co-published with National Professional Resources, Inc.

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By Keli Garas-York, Ph.D., Patricia D. George, Ed.M., and Timothy G. Zgliczynski, Ph.D.. 2020. 6 Pages. ISBN: 978-0-86586-532-7. #P6325.

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