The Data Collection Toolkit: Everything You Need to Organize, Manage, and Monitor Classroom Data

Collecting data on behavior, academic skills, and IEP goals is an essential step in showing student progress—but it can also be a complicated, time-consuming process. Take the worry and stress out of data collection with this ultra-practical resource, packed with the tools you need to organize, manage, and monitor critical information on your students’ progress. You’ll discover proven, stress-free data collection techniques used by real teachers, with strategies and shortcuts developed through the author’s extensive teaching and consulting work. You’ll also get first-person classroom examples, quizzes, definitions of key terms, and a complete package of reproducible forms and tools. An essential resource for special educators, general educators, and paraprofessionals, this toolkit will help you become a “classroom detective” who collects the right data, analyzes it skillfully, and uses it to solve each student’s challenges.

When you purchase “The Data Collection Toolkit,” you will receive a complimentary webinar presented by author Cindy Golden, who shares tips and tricks of how to maximize this essential resource. Just place your order for the book and you will receive a link to the webinar with your purchase receipt.

By Cindy Golden. 2018. 264 pages. ISBN 978-1-59857-924-6. #BP211.

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