Board to strengthen CEC leadership

In April 2016, the Board appointed a Governance Assessment Workgroup. The workgroup has been charged to:

  1. Analyze the size, composition, and charges of CEC’s Board of Directors, committees (standing and non-standing), and advisory groups―then make recommendations to address inefficiencies, if any, and incorporate best practices from the field of association management.
  2. Develop systems or policies to facilitate adaptability and to promote innovation within CEC’s committees, workgroups, and advisory groups.
  3. Establish a process for an on-going review of CEC’s governance structure(s).

During 2016, the workgroup explored the characteristics of highly effective boards based on industry research, examples of common and innovative governing models in the association sector, and the specific governance needs of CEC. Workgroup members acknowledged that CEC’s Board has come far in making itself more effective, but that its playing field is much different, as is the environment for membership organizations generally. Like CEC, many associations are shifting their governance structures to reflect the “new normal” brought on by 21st century societal, technological, and political changes.

After much research and consideration, the workgroup submitted their recommendations to the CEC Board of Directors in advance of the November board meeting. On Nov. 11, 2017, the Board of Directors voted to accept the recommendations of the workgroup and begin revisions to CEC’s governance practices. The first step will be to update CEC’s Bylaws to accommodate the changes.

Read about the proposed amendments.

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