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Nervous about your first teaching assignment? Not sure how to work effectively with general educators? No problem! You’ve Got This has the information and strategies new teachers and teacher candidates—and their students—need to succeed. Think of it as listening to your own personal cheering section.

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How to Approach IEPs Without Losing Your Mind

In this episode, you’ll hear what you need to prepare for your first IEP meetings from legal expert Julie Weatherly.

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Co-Teaching in the Real World

In this episode, co-teaching expert Marilyn Friend is here to talk about some of the biggest challenges facing new co-teachers—and how you can solve them.

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Surviving Your First Year as a Teacher

In this episode, we’re talking with Catherine Creighton Martin and Clara Hauth, authors of the brand-new edition of The Survival Guide for New Special Education Teachers, a handbook full of realistic strategies teacher candidates and new teachers need to succeed in their first years in the classroom – and beyond. You’ve got the right stuff to be a …