Webinar: Teaching Emotional Regulation: Essential Skills for Students with Disabilities


Schools are faced with a growing population of students who require significant behavioral interventions. However, current special education supports are not designed to address the complicated needs of students with ASD and other emotional and behavioral disabilities. Join us and learn about new compelling research in the area of Emotional Regulation that shows impacted brain region leading to a more comprehensive understanding of the type of therapies needed. We present a comprehensive review of the recent research (2014-2015) and then discuss relative to their treatment implications for educators. New methodologies, backed by current research, will be presented to teach the missing skills needed to manage Emotional Regulation.

After this webinar, you will be able to:

  1. Describe emotional regulation and new research on emotional regulation.
  2. Explain how emotional regulation impacts students with ASD and EBD and leads to difficulty remaining in classrooms.
  3. Summarize of the limitations of the current programs in place to support students with emotional regulation and will understand why new programs are needed.
  4. Demonstrate new methods to support students emotional regulation.

Presented by Lori Jackson and Steve Peck, The Connections Model. Original air date Nov. 15, 2016. 64 minutes. #WEB1611A.

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