Webinar: Check-In/Check-Out for Students with Challenging Behaviors

In collaboration with the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders (CCBD)

Webinar_LaptopAre your students productively engaged and participating in instruction as you want them to? If not, this program is for you! It will give you another strategy for your toolkit of evidence-based practices to maximize appropriate student engagement and outcomes. You’ll hear the details of the traditional check-in/check-out (CICO) approach and learn how to adapt it to meet the unique needs of all students in your classroom. Adaptations include varying levels of intensity and multiple delivery options. In addition, you will receive downloadable handouts detailing CICO adaptations to serve as a resource for classroom use.

This webinar is useful for elementary, middle, and high school teachers in general and special education, behavior specialists and staff in alternative education, residential, and juvenile justice settings. No prerequisite knowledge or skills are required.

After completing this program, you will be able to:

  • List and describe the five steps of CICO
  • Assess student responsiveness to CICO
  • Describe at least three possible adaptations to CICO for use in your classroom
  • Identify and use additional resources for implementing CICO.

Presented by Nicole Swoszowski, Ph.D., University of Alabama. Original air date April 23, 2015. 61 minutes. #WEB1505A.

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