Webinar: Having Hard Conversations: Addressing Difficult Issues with Parents, Colleagues, and Others

Webinar_LaptopAs educators, we are trained and credentialed in how to teach our students-but not in how to work effectively with colleagues, principals, or parents. From time to time, every educator needs to have hard conversations. They may involve giving difficult feedback, delivering unwelcome news, asking for a change in behavior, or giving an apology. And although you may never find it easy to have hard conversations, with preparation and practice you can manage them with greater professionalism, compassion, composure, and effectiveness. This webinar addresses how to prepare effectively for hard conversations. We will explore the factors that make some discussions so difficult, and offer a set of questions you need to answer in order to prepare for a good, hard conversation.

After viewing this program, you will be able to:

  • Identify the types of hard conversations that are most difficult for you
  • Identify competing commitments that make it difficult to initiate hard conversations
  • List questions to ask yourself to figure out when a hard conversations is worth having
  • Apply the principles of clarity, crafting, and communication in planning a hard conversation.

Presented by Jennifer Abrams, Educational Consultant. Original air date February 18, 2014. 61 minutes. #WEB1402A.

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