Webinar: Behavior Management Basics

In collaboration with the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders (CCBD)

Webinar_LaptopThis webinar is for any teacher who wants to spend more time teaching and less time addressing students’ challenging behaviors. You’ll get a quick, practical review of positive behavioral techniques that can be applied to behaviors ranging from low-level distractions to angry or aggressive outbursts. Cheryl George, a behavioral consultant, will discuss the communicative functions of student behaviors and describe positive strategies for each type, differentiated for students of various ages. You’ll learn to design group and individualized contingencies, and discuss when to use each. Productive and unproductive uses of praise will be addressed, along with the effects of physical room arrangement on behavior.

After viewing this program, you will be able to:

  • State four guidelines for physical room arrangement to reduce disruptive behavior
  • Identify whether challenging behaviors are intended to gain attention, avoid a task or person, or gain power or control.
  • Describe at least one positive strategy to change each type of behavior.
  • Articulate an example and a non-example of the correct use of praise in modifying behavior
  • Give examples of group and individualized contingencies

Presented by Cheryl George, Lebanon Valley College. Original air date February 6, 2014. 60 minutes. #WEB1401A.

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