Webinar: Using Writing to Build Language and Communication Skills: Intervention

Webinar_LaptopIn this program, you’ll learn about both classroom and individualized strategies to support using writing to build language and communication skills in students with a wide range of abilities and challenges.. The speakers will discuss how basic components of a classroom writing program-such as group and personal mini-lessons, author’s chair, peer conferencing, and intervention scaffolding can be used in special education or general education classrooms. Their examples will encompass techniques for addressing multiple language levels and communication contexts.

After viewing this program, you will be able to:

  • Describe how to use the basic components of a classroom writing program to promote language and communication abilities for students with a wide range of disabilities
  • Compare and contrast uses of writing activities to promote spoken and written language and social communication in varied intervention contexts.

Presented by Janet Sturm, Central Michigan University and Nickola Wolf Nelson, Western Michigan University. Original air date December 12, 2013. 70 minutes. #WEB1325A.

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