Webinar: Using Writing to Build Language and Communication Skills: Assessment

Webinar_LaptopIn this program, you’ll learn about assessment techniques, including techniques for beginning writers of all ages, as well as how to use a multilevel language assessment model for students who are more advanced but still struggling. The speakers will discuss how to use assessment data to identify goals and plan individualized interventions.

After viewing this program, you will be able to:

  • Use assessment results from classroom writing probes to set goals to promote language and communication for students with a wide range of cognitive-linguistic strengths and needs.
  • Compare and contrast uses of writing probe and analysis techniques to plan individualized goals to fit diverse students’ needs.

Presented by Janet Sturm, Central Michigan University and Nickola Wolf Nelson, Western Michigan University. Original air date December 10, 2013. 65 minutes. #WEB1324A.

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