Webinar: iPads and Accessories

Webinar_LaptopLearn how accessories can multiply the effectiveness of the classroom iPad. Is there a case that will protect an iPad if a student drops it from a height or gets it wet? For students who can’t access the iPad directly, what switch is the most effective? If you only have one iPad in your classroom, what accessories promote collaboration? What are the options for projecting your iPad onto a screen or interactive whiteboard? To answer these questions, we’ll explore external accessory options, such as switches and other alternative access options, keyboards, protective covers, splitters and more.

After viewing this program, you will be able to:

  • Discuss how various accessory options increase the effectiveness of the iPad in the classroom
  • Select accessories that maximize the efficacy of iPad use in your classroom

Presented by Alex Dunn, Upper Canada District School Board, Ottawa. Original air date November 7, 2013. 77 minutes. #WEB1323A.

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