Webinar: Trends in Teacher Evaluation: What Every Special Educator Should Know

Webinar_LaptopLearn about the four types of evaluation measures that special education teachers (SETs) are most likely to encounter, and strategies to prepare and perform effectively for each type. This webinar discusses the complexities of measuring the effectiveness of teachers of students with disabilities and how SETs can help administrators understand those issues.

After viewing this program, you will be able to:

  • Compare the major components of the most common teacher evaluation measures
  • Discuss steps teachers of students with disabilities can take to prepare for and perform effectively in formal evaluation
  • Describe factors that contribute to thorough and fair evaluation of SETs

Presented by Mary T. Brownell, University of Florida and Amber Benedict, University of Florida. Original air date: September 17, 2013. 66 minutes. #WEB1315A.

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