Webinar: Alternate Assessments for the CCSS

Webinar_LaptopLearn about assessments being developed for students with the most significant intellectual disabilities, and hear discussion of policy and practice changes that will be necessary to ensure that all students can both learn, and show what they know in the CCSS.

After viewing this program, you will be able to:

  • Describe resources available from the National Center and State Collaborative and discuss their implications for your work
  • Describe resources available from the Dynamic Learning Maps consortium, with an emphasis on technology support to improve and assess student learning
  • Identify practical next steps to benefit from available resources.

Presented by Neal Kingston, Project Director, Dynamic Learning Maps Consortium and Rachel Quenemoen, Project Director, National Center and State Collaborative. Original air date May 28, 2013. 67 minutes. #WEB1310A.

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