Webinar: Assessing Writing Using Curriculum-Based Measurement

Webinar_LaptopLearn to use reliable, valid writing assessments for your students with learning disabilities. Curriculum-based measures (CBM) can give you frequent, accurate data on each student’s progress. In this program you’ll hear about word, sentence, and paragraph-level assessments for early, middle, and secondary writing. You’ll see examples of administration and scoring, and learn about sources of free CBM materials.

After viewing this program, you will be able to:

  • Describe methods to assess students’ writing using CBM
  • Apply scoring methods to your students’ writing samples
  • Access free materials and resources on CBM in writing

Presented by Erica Lembke, University of Missouri and Kristen McMaster, University of Minnesota. Original air date May 21, 2013. 66 minutes. #WEB1307A.

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