Surviving Your First Year as a Teacher

CEC Podcast Logo v3 1500x1500In this episode, we’re talking with Catherine Creighton Martin and Clara Hauth, authors of the brand-new edition of The Survival Guide for New Special Education Teachers, a handbook full of realistic strategies teacher candidates and new teachers need to succeed in their first years in the classroom – and beyond. You’ve got the right stuff to be a special educator, but Catherine and Clara want to give you a helping hand.

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About the guests

Catherine Creighton Martin is the mother of a child with a disability, and currently teaches students with disabilities at Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia, and is an adjunct professor at George Mason University. Clara Hauth is an assistant professor of special education at Marymount University, with more than 10 years of public school service as a special education classroom teacher and as a lead mentor for new teachers.

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