Teacher of the Year: Caring, dedicated, and life-long learner

A caring teacher who wants her students to succeed in her classroom, in other teachers’ classrooms, and in life—that’s how the CEC 2018 Clarissa Hug Teacher of the Year Award recipient’s students describe her.

Sara Klug is an ESE teacher at Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School in Largo, Florida and has been part of that community for almost 40 years. Klug explains that remaining dedicated to her profession and school for 37 years is the most significant accomplishment of her career.

In her classroom, Klug works to establish a positive and supportive environment that engages students in their own education and launches them towards success. Klug instills rituals to guide students through their day and her classroom includes a ticket reward system that allows students to become eligible for small prizes, a weekly rotation of students into the role of co-teacher, and hands-on activities intended to bring assignments to life.

Seeing her students engaged and successful is her favorite part of being a teacher. “Over the years, I have been fortunate to encounter students I had many years ago—to know that they are successful in their lives makes me happy to have played a part.”

Klug is constantly learning herself and refreshing ideas to ensure that her students are successful. And as the 2018 Clarissa Hug Teacher of the Year, she says “…while one of the most important factors in the classroom is consistency, when dealing with individual students, flexibility is vital.”

Sara Klug was recognized during the CEC 2018 Convention & Expo for her outstanding work.

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