Co-Teach! Building and Sustaining Effective Classroom Partnerships in Inclusive Schools, Third Edition

Professionals continue to ask for practical information about co-teaching — from setting up, implementing, and maintaining successful programs to establishing positive relationships in the classroom to resolving interpersonal and logistics difficulties to tackling issues such as finding common planning time. Answers to these and a host of other questions about this contemporary model for educating students with disabilities can be found in “Co-Teach! A Manual for Creating and Sustaining Effective Classroom Partnerships in Inclusive Schools (3rd edition).” This teacher-friendly book, complete with discussion questions and extensive resources, is designed to address your questions about co-teaching, whether you are just anticipating co-teaching, are a novice co-teacher, or are a veteran co-teacher.

By Marilyn Friend, Ph.D. 2019. 225 pages. ISBN 978-0-99977-830-2. #S6331

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