The PBIS Team Handbook


S6195_PBIS Team HandbookThe PBIS Team Handbook: Setting Expectations and Building Positive Behavior provides solid, detailed guidelines for implementing and sustaining schoolwide positive behavior interventions and supports. Full of engaging anecdotes from expert PBIS coaches, this comprehensive resource helps PBIS teams overcome obstacles to implementation and offers solutions for sustaining a successful program. Customizable forms, checklists, and graphic organizers help readers chart, manage, and interpret data with ease. Positive school climates are not achieved through suspensions, detentions, calls to parents, or visits to the principal’s office. Rather, lasting change is achieved through collective analysis and data-driven decision making. Downloadable digital content includes a PDF presentation and customizable forms from the book.

By Beth Baker and Char Ryan. 2014. 208 pages.  ISBN  978-1-57542-469-9. #S6197. 

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