Common Core Standards & Mathematics, Grades 6-12


Common Core Standards & Mathematics: Strategies for Student Success (Grades 6-12) is an easy access, 6-page (tri-fold) laminated guide by Toby Karten. This classroom tool is designed to help middle and high school teachers understand the organization and application of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSS.M), which define the grade-specific knowledge and procedural skills students are expected to achieve in their study of mathematics. Karten, an expert on inclusion, notes that the standards apply to all students—including students with disabilities receiving special education services—and provides ideas for helping diverse students meet grade-level standards.

This comprehensive guide defines key terms, such as domains and clusters, and provides multiple quick-reference charts, including ones that that depict

  • Grades K-5 domains, Grades 6-8 domains, Grades 9-12 Categories
  • The Standards for Mathematical Practice (CCSSMP) and grade-specific student scenarios
  • The Standards for Mathematical Content (CCSS.Math.Content.HS)

The guide also offers ten tips for connecting math standards to students’ lives/interests, with detailed examples provided for applying each tip to various content standards. In addition, a valuable list of additional online and print resources for secondary teachers is provided.

By Toby Karten. 2013. 6 pages. ISBN 9781935609841 . #S6160.

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