Adolescents and Adults With Learning Disabilities and ADHD

S6069_Adolescents_Adults_LD_ADHDMost of the literature on learning disabilities and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) focuses on the needs of elementary school-age children, but older students with these conditions also require significant support. Comprehensive and authoritative, this book helps educators and clinicians navigate the maze of laws, policies and scientific research relating to diagnostic and intervention decision making for adolescents and adults. Leading expert Noel Gregg provides clear guidance on how to conduct and document evidence-based assessments and select appropriate instructional and testing accommodations. Featuring helpful case vignettes, decision-making flowcharts, and coverage of the latest assistive technologies, the book gives special attention to supporting students during the crucial transition from high school to higher education or vocational settings.

By Noel Gregg, foreword by Don Deshler. 2012. 316 pages. ISBN 978-1-60623-593-5. #S6069.

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