Managing Challenging Behaviors in Schools

S6053_Managing_Challenging_BehaviorsThis book provides tested, easy-to-implement strategies for preventing problem behavior in the classroom and responding effectively when it does occur. Chapters describe specific steps that K-12 teachers and other school-based professionals can take to develop effective classroom rules and routines; plan suitably challenging instruction; and promote student engagement and motivation. Presenting a continuum of strategies from prevention to more intensive behavior supports, the book offers clear-cut instructions for implementing behavioral contracts, self-monitoring, and functional assessment-based interventions. Special features include more than a dozen reproducible checklists, self-assessment tools, and planning forms.

By Kathleen Lynne Lane, Holly Mariah Menzies, Allison L. Bruhn, and Mary Crnobori. 2010. 255 Pages. ISBN 1-60623-951-3. #S6053.

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