Resources for Charter School Administrators

Charter schools aim to offer high-quality educational options to families so they can choose the best school for their needs. This suite of research-based books from the Council for Exceptional Children is specifically suited to help charter school administrators ensure they offer innovative educational solutions to all students, especially those with disabilities.


Charting the Course: Special Education in Charter Schools. An overview of special education written specifically for charter school decision makers that explains what special education is, the rules and regulations that govern it, and the means through which it can be implemented. Includes multiple case-studies demonstrating how charter school solutions meet special education challenges in real life.

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High-Leverage Practices in Special Education. A set of 22 educational practices that all special educators should master before they begin teaching. The selected practices cover four areas: collaboration, assessment, social/emotional/behavioral practices, and instruction. All have been shown to improve student outcomes.

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Physical Restraint and Seclusion in Schools. A guide to making schools safer for students and teachers alike—without the onus of risky tactics. This book considers the legal, ethical, and risk factors of restraint and seclusion while also introducing the idea of a school culture focused on prevention rather than reaction.

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When Behavior Makes Learning Hard. A brief and accessible workbook for teachers who want to change student behavior through positive instruction. Sample behavior plans will bring strategies to life while hands-on chapters and appendices will help teachers put their innovative ideas into action.

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With these resources, learn to implement efficient, effective, and innovative special education programming that complies with the law, produces positive outcomes, and avoids suspensions and expulsions.