Teachers Training Paraprofessionals

In this episode of Research2Practice, Matthew E. Brock is here to talk about what new research can tell us about using teacher-trained paraprofessionals to implement peer support arrangements for students with severe disabilities.

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About the guest

Matthew Brock is an assistant professor of special education at The Ohio State University and a faculty associate at the Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy. He has two major lines of research. First, he studies the effects of practitioner training on implementation of evidence-based practice and outcomes for students with significant disabilities. Second, he studies avenues for supporting the inclusion of students with significant disabilities in general education classrooms.

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  1. Great podcast. There is just one part of the training I would add, that is, how to make improvements so that the disability (eg autism, LD, etc.) itself may be significantly improved. See the book “Uniquely Normal.”

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