Leading the Co-Teaching Dance: Leadership Strategies

P6067_Leading_Coteaching_Dance-320Learn how to implement co-teaching in your school! This invaluable resource provides school leaders with the strategies, resources, best practices, techniques and materials they will need to establish and maintain successful co-teaching teams in their schools. The authors draw on their experience and research to address the critical key factors: defining what co-teaching is and is not, understanding the menu of options and the benefits of co-teaching, the 5 keys to co-teaching and to leading co-teaching, developing the culture and structure to support co-teaching, scheduling and planning strategies, implementing and understanding co-instruction, observation and feedback, data collection, institutionalizing co-teaching and disseminating your success.

By Wendy Murawski and Lisa Dieker. 2013. 196 pages. ISBN 978-0-86586-474-0. #P6067.

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  1. I do not know if someone can help me, but I have the recorded webinar “Leading the Co-Teaching Dance”. I use it as part of my Advanced Collaboration class at the University Level. When I went to play is a few years ago it would not work. I have specifically planned questions that I use in conjunction with the webinar that is used as the final exam. I was wondering if you could possibly send me a newer version. My IT guy told me it was no longer compatible with our system. I really like this webinar and look forward to using it with my students.

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