Collaborate Smart: Practical Strategies & Tools for Educators

P6015_Collaborate_SmartFrom Susan M. Hentz, noted educational speaker and author of Teach Smart, and Phyllis M. Jones, a teacher administrator and educator; Collaborate Smart: Practical Strategies and Tools for Educators is a masterful tool for improving co-teaching and collaborative communication among members of teaching teams. The evolving process of collaboration in the classroom involves negotiation, re-negotiation, respect, trust, and the creation of a level of comfort in the partnership that allows for risk taking in thinking and practice, which yields cohesive instruction that best impacts a student’s learning experience. A “how-to” guide for every educator, Collaborate Smart enhances your resources for instruction through its fully developed, comprehensive yet practical information.

By Susan M. Hentz and Phyllis M. Jones. 2011. 88 pages. ISBN 0-86586-464-0. #P6015.

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