Responsiveness to Intervention: TEC Collection

P5873_Responsiveness_to_InterventionThis book presents a select set of articles taken from issues of TEACHING Exceptional Children that establish a cogent framework for understanding response to intervention (RTI) as a means of preventing academic failure and identifying students with learning disabilities (LD). The articles in the book have been selected because they embody the commendable components of best practice identified by the National Research Center of Learning Disabilities (NRCLD). These components are: 1) schoolwide screening; 2) research-based progress monitoring; 3) fidelity of implementation; 4) data-based decision making; 5) staff development and collaboration; and 6) parent involvement.

Edited by Alec F. Peck and Stan Scarpati. 2008. 150 pages. ISBN 0-86586-439-X. #P5873.


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