Aligning Transition and Standards-Based Education

P5526_LRGThis book is essential reading for policymakers, administrators and preservice and inservice educators. It addresses one of the most critical issues today in secondary transition, which cuts across policy and practice, and has never before been addressed in the literature. This issue is the “disconnect” among critical aspects of law and policy that affect secondary school students with disabilities the requirements of standards-based education (including large-scale assessments and the uses to which they are put), the IDEA requirement of meaningful access to the general curriculum, and the IDEA requirement of secondary transition programming and instruction that meets the unique needs of the individual student. This 11-chapter volume looks at all aspects of these issues and their implications for useful transition programming; it also proposed methods of aligning the often conflicting demands of policy, law, and the needs of the student.

Edited by Carol A. Kochhar-Bryant and Diane S. Bassett. 2002. 202 pages. ISBN 0-86586-970-7. #P5526.


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