Social Skills: Effective Instruction for Exceptional Learners


In every category of exceptional learners, there are some learners who struggle with social skills. This guide provides PreK ā€“ 5th grade teachers with evidence-based, practical, teacher-friendly, strategies for helping children with special needs build social skills. Written by experienced classroom teachers, this guide recommends interventions for strengthening important social skills, including communication, conflict resolution, and team building skills. It includes Tier 1 interventions for educators to use in the context of ongoing academic instruction, Tier 2 strategies for short periods of small group instruction, and Tier 3 interventions for intensive instruction or support. Each of the interventions listed are broken down into four parts: structure, teach, rehearse, and reinforce. These ready-to-use strategies will help classroom teachers promote social competence in diverse learners.

By Wendy Ashcroft, Angela M. Delloso & Anne Marie Kolb Quinn. 2015. 6 pages. ISBN 978-1-93853-900-8. #NP224.

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