Inclusion Succeeds with Effective Strategies and Collaboration, Grades 6-12


Inclusion succeeds when teachers use diverse instructional strategies, scaffolding, multiple types of instructional supports, and ongoing formal and informal assessments to deliver curriculum standards. At the middle school and high school level, successful inclusion also entails promoting the development of social and emotional skills, self-efficacy, self-esteem, and personal identity in adolescent students.

This newly updated and expanded laminated reference guides by Toby Karten is designed to assist general education (GE) teachers, special education (SE) teachers, and school staff in implementing inclusive practices and effective strategies that focus on students’ strengths and abilities. It also presents simple and effective ways to foster co-teaching and collaborative practices. Teachers of grades 6-12 will find quick and easy access to practical strategies for creating successful inclusive middle and high school classrooms.

The guide includes sections on

  • Differentiating lessons
  • Utilizing universal design for learning
  • Honoring multiple intelligences
  • Making content relevant to students
  • Making cross-curricular connections
  • Increasing self-efficacy & self-regulation
  • Web resources by subject area
  • Reading, writing and math lesson tips.

By Toby Karten. 2018. 6 pages. ISBN 978-1-93853-992-3. #NP223.

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