An Educator’s Guide to Bullying Prevention


Bullying is one of the most serious and pervasive problems in our schools today.  Children who are verbally taunted or attacked physically often refuse to go to school to avoid facing the prospect of bullying, thereby losing out on crucial instructional time and becoming even more emotionally removed from classmates, teachers and the school community. Academic, behavioral and physical problems are not uncommon for children who are the victim of a bully.

An Educator’s Guide to Bullying Prevention by Kenneth Shore is an easy-to-read desktop reference designed to help educators prevent bullying in schools to the greatest extent possible, while also equipping them to recognize and respond to bullying in all its forms, including cyberbullying, an increasingly prevalent and harmful form of bullying over the internet, cell phones, and other technological tools.

This six-page (tri-fold) laminated guide provides educators with an overview of bullying basics, and identifies proven ways to

  • Prevent bullying from occurring
  • Respond to bullying incidents
  • Recognize, prevent and deal with cyberbullying

An Educator’s Guide to Bullying Prevention also offers a list of resources for children and adults, including both fiction and non-fiction books, and helpful Web sites for further guidance on stamping out bullying.

By Kenneth Shore. 2011. 6 pages. ISBN 978-1-93403-269-5. #NP200.

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