Instructional Strategies for Learners with IEPs

This compact yet comprehensive guide provides K-12 educators of students who receive special education services with a brief overview of the purpose and essential elements of an individualized education program (IEP), along with adaptations, interventions, and supports to incorporate into the IEP as part of specially designed instruction (SDI). It includes a framework for step-by-step planning as well as sample IEP lesson plans for students at various grade levels that demonstrate how specially designed instruction connects to students’ IEPs to help them meet individual goals.

This resource will help IEP teams develop IEP goals and objectives that are ambitious and aligned with the K-12 general education curriculum to ensure students with disabilities are included and prepared for postsecondary options. It includes an IEP Collaborative Planner that lists an extensive menu of daily/weekly instructional strategies and interventions, along with progress monitoring and curriculum-based assessments. Access to more detailed downloadable forms is provided to help teachers put ideas into action.

By Toby Karten. 2019. 6 pages. ISBN: 9781938539992. #NP234.