Webinar: Students who are Bullied: Prevention and Intervention

Supporting the social and emotional development of students who experience high rates of bullying should be a fundamental component in any anti-bullying policy or program. This webinar addresses the pervasiveness of bullying among the nation’s youth, including particular subgroups of students with disabilities. Specific school, group, and individual strategies for supporting the social and emotional development of students with and ...

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Webinar: Bullying Behavior: Prevention and Intervention

Reducing the bullying that occurs within the nation’s schools is essential to support the social and emotional development of school-aged youth. This webinar provides background information related to bullying, briefly highlights critical components of state and federal law, and introduces the complexities associated with the bullying dynamic, especially related to students with disabilities. In addition, you will learn targeted interventions ...

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Webinar: School Supports for Students with Chronic Medical Conditions

In collaboration with the Division for Physical, Health, and Multiple Disabilities (DPHMD) As many as 43% of students in the United States are affected by chronic illness, according to current prevalence data. It is likely that a number of children with a long-term illness or lasting effects of an illness may be present in any given classroom. Education policies designed ...

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